Saturday, August 19, 2017

{Sugar Bee} Retirement Sugar Cookies to Celebrate 47 Years!

A few months back I took an order for sugar cookies for a retirement party for my friend's father. I was so amazed to learn that he is retiring after 47 years of working! I don't know about you, but 47 years working at one establishment is certainly a huge feat and most definitely something to marvel at....and boy does that deserve a celebration!

These cookies were so much fun to make as they represent both his many years of employment at a job he really loved, as well as his fondness for the Oregan Ducks. I hope the retiree enjoys his cookies as much as I enjoyed making them!

Happy Retirement!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

{Queen Bee} Sweet Apples for Teacher Containers!

As you probably already know, I love to package my treats almost as much as I love creating them. It is like the icing on the cake! I absolutely love to use kraft boxes for packaging, but I equally love to use metal containers. They are great because they come in so many different colors to match themes, holidays, etc., and they are reusable so the recipient can use them for organizing their home, office, craft supplies. But more importantly they can be found just about anywhere and they don't break the bank!
Here I found some very cute metal buckets at Target in their dollar section....that is one of my favorite places to browse.
The last touch that I add to my packages is a little tag to tie the theme all together! 

These are perfectly packaged sweet apples to give to teacher for the start of the school year!

{Sugar Bee} Sweet Apples for Teacher

It is back to school time and what do you think of when you think of gifts for teacher?! Well I think of apples....but my idea of apples has a sweet twist! So this year, I used chocolate to make the cutest little apples to decorate some delicious treats.

First I created little chocolate chip cookie shooters. These are so much fun and can hold any liquid, whether it be milk or a little bit of Baileys (sometimes a teacher made need a sip to get through the start of the year craziness). Then after drinking the liquid, the "shot glass" can be eaten!
I always love to make chocolate covered Oreos....they are just so pretty and of course so tasty!
Another new treat I created this year are rice krispie treats! But these come on a stick and have a think layer of chocolate with apple adornments. Such a fun way to eat a rice krispie treat!

These sweet apples will make any teacher feel so special and so happy to be back to school!
Here's to a great year!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

{Queen Bee} Packaging Back-to-School Cookies

Baking and decorating cookies is so much fun, but what makes me so happy is when I can package them in such a way that is not only functional and protects the cookies, but also in way so that the person receiving the cookies can feel so special being given a sweet and pretty packaged gift. I hope the teachers receiving these cookies feel so very special and always appreciated.

{Sugar Bee} Back to School Cookies

It is that time of year again, summer is over and kids are going back to school! It is a feeling of excitement and a little sadness as I realize how time is flying by and my kids are growing right in front of my eyes.

This year my youngest is starting Kindergarten which leaves me without any kids at home during they day (if I so choose to stay home from work)....hmmmm....this could be fun! To celebrate this momentous occasion of both of my babies in school and my daughter starting kindergarten, I had to make some back-to-school themed sugar cookies for my kids teachers. After all, they are going to be with them for many hours of the day, and though I love my kids, I know how huge a task that is and I am so grateful that my kids will be in classes with teachers who are amazing and will not only educate them, but also care for them in my absence. Teachers are simply amazing!

So here is to a happy start of the school year for both the teachers and their students!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

{Sugar Bee} Graduation Cap Sugar Cookies

After I finished making the graduation/WSU sugar cookies, I thought one thing was missing....full size graduation caps! They are essential for a graduate and thought it would be a great addition to the assortment I had already created. I kept the color palette the same and kept it pretty clean and simple, but for an added touch of fun and interest, I airbrushed some subtle black polka dots. I was so happy with how they turned out and they will all look so great on the party table. Congratulations graduate!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

{Sugar Bee} Graduation and Off-to-College Sugar Cookies

These cookies were so fun to make and definitely challenged me as I had to come up with designs that not only were graduation themed but also incorporated the school that the graduate will be attending in the Fall. So I decided that I would use the Washington State University school colors, mascot, and acronym as my main designs and then add the graduation elements to the rest of the cookies. The airbrushed chevron added a bit of shine and pattern for an extra touch of fun for a young graduate. I was very pleased with the overall look of these cookies and I hope the graduate loves them as well.

Happy graduation to a very special young lady and best of luck in college!